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ACCA members’ career survey 2013

ACCAIn June 2013, ACCA conducted an online survey of members around the world to gather information on their current levels of remuneration and reward, and their career achievements and aspirations.

The result findings provide clear insights not only into the value ACCA members derive from their qualification, but also the value that employers internationally are gaining from the complete finance professionals who are developed by the ACCA Qualification. This year’s survey also reveals the varied achievements and aspirations of ACCA members, including their strong international and entrepreneurial interests, and their desire to make a difference.

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Career enabler
'The feedback is clear,' according to Neil Stevenson, ACCA's Executive Director – Brand, 'the ACCA Qualification is an enabler. It opens doors, helping our finance professionals to work in a wide range of sectors and internationally. ACCA members are also successful, achieving goals and building varied careers. Over 40% of survey participants have already led a finance team. Nearly a quarter have experience working in specialist finance roles. And nearly one in five have worked in another country.'

Key findings
ACCA Qualification supports salaries – 60% of ACCA members expect a pay rise in the next 12 months

ACCA members receive widespread bonuses and benefits – 54% of ACCA members received a bonus

ACCA Qualification opens doors – 63% of ACCAs have multi-sector experience

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Global survey

Career survey 2013

Country breakdown

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